Footmuffs and Seasons

There are lightweight footmuffs and thick footmuffs or lined and we have to buy according to the season. Sometimes, we find we might need more than one but that is not a problem because our goal for buying a baby footmuff is the warmth of our child. These are some guides to help you.

Fall and early spring

At this time of the year, you will need to have a footmuff that is light but gives adequate protection. So, it should provide the needed protection without being too heavy. Otherwise, if it is too heavy your baby might be too warm and as a result sweat and catch a cold.


Here you will need the thick, down-lined baby footmuffs that are designed to giveenough warmth for this time of year. You will tuck your baby in, zip it up and I assure you he or she will be quite warm and cozy.

The ultimate choice

This sounds like it is difficult option to find but it is available, and this is what you will look for when you go to buy the muffs.

· Two detachable covers one for spring/fall and the other padded for winter.

· Teflon, waterproof and dirt proof.

· Can be used as a footmuff or seat liner.

· Weather resistant

· Used with any type of baby car or stroller.

· Wicks away moisture and water and oil repellent.

· Protects from freezing temperatures.

· Windproof and breathable.

This might sound too good to be true, but the option is available and what is more, it can be machine washable as well. It is a good choice for your baby in any type of weather and even if it is on the expensive side it will save you a lot of fuss. Also, you will only need one muff as it covers all choices all year round so, no clutter.